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Friday, March 27th, 2015 01:46 pm
First let me say that I hate self check out. I remember when working a check out line was a job. Now they expect me to do it for free when I buy groceries. What’s next? Am I going have to sweep the floors when I go in there? But Giant management at some point decided that the customer’s time and money is not that important to them, so they hired less cashiers and created more self checkout lines.
So with a basket full of steak, salad, bread, and other over priced crap, I weighed my options. There were three lines backed up with carts and cashiers moving at a minimum wage pace and two open self checkouts.
So self checkout it was…
I started checking out my items, put in my bonus card, which didn’t work, and scanned my credit card. Nothing. The machine read system processing and froze. Not sure what to do I sat there and waited for help. Finally, a woman came with a thick accent that I could barely understand and asked if I needed anything. I pointed at the frozen screen, and she told me to wait. She seemed to excel at waiting as it involves doing nothing. They are good at doing nothing.
Finally, I start to get pissed. I say “How long do you want me to stare at this thing?” Apparently, the answer to this is to the point where I am about ready to start throwing shit. She reboots the system and cancels my transaction. This takes about fifteen minutes. I then take all my crap to another self checkout register, which also freezes.
Rather than rip the monitor off the self checkout machine and use it to beat to death ever single register in the store, I decided to leave and never come back.

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