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Monday, February 23rd, 2015 12:48 pm
I am in my evil lair flanked on either side by my giant cats as I type this. The only thing I am missing is my slave girl. She is at her house sleeping.

I am not sure why I stopped writing in this thing, but I have some guesses. I'm different now. The divorce and my previous marriage has changed me, like a comic book hero, if comic book heroes were chubby men in their mid forties, which I think would sell. Like Batman, I have set morals and ideals driven by an event in my life. Unlike batman, these ideals are unpopular, run counter to the current culture and piss some women off. I am the hero that no one deserves.

I managed to piss off three women on my facebook with this and earned more than a few looks from my mom.

It's the anti feminism they have a problem with.

It's not like I hate women or something. Most of the time, I hate everyone. It's not that I don't believe in equality based on gender. It's that I believe everyone in inherently unequal. I can understand why this pisses some people off. Whenever I see someone better looking, smarter, and stronger, it pisses me off too.

I could bore anyone reading this with a point by point account of everything that annoys me with feminism, but all I will say is this. Whenever you bring up the inequities that men face in family court, you get not only a blank stare but an outright tongue lashing from feminism. Men can never be oppressed they say, especially white men, because they are the privileged class.

When they passed out membership cards for the Patriarchy, I must have been in the bathroom or something.

But my girl still loves me, so there is that.


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