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Saturday, August 23rd, 2014 04:38 pm
My girl is sleeping on the couch,while dream of sex and bomb shelters. As the mid forties come, I seem adrift in a nostalgic sea of longing. I am a thirsty man drowning in a Dasani tub. I have everything I want and sometimes feel I have nothing. I am the thing that is never satisfied, always alone, even in a crowed room of friends. I have no one to blame but myself.

I have less hate for my ex than I ever thought possible. Maybe it's better to see the past through the distorted lens of forgetfulness. Maybe when the emotions die and all that's left is a vague memory of shadows, things seem less important.

The coral business imploded. My dad's business partner kicked us out of the website and closed it down. He has less business sense than a potato. Like if you literally put a potato in his job, it would make more money than this guy. His whole business makes about 500 a month after being open for four years. The handyman business that we just started has made that in about three weeks.

I find that I enjoy managing something that helps people. I figure that maintenance guys are the unknown heroes of the world. We all celebrate our military, but no one ever thanks the guy that crawled a hundred feet through mud in a crawl space, past the spiders, to fix a gushing water mainline. When you don't have water, it sucks. The guy that fixes it, might as well be wearing a cape, because he just let you shit in your own bathroom like human again.

So that's my life, what are you guys up to?