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Saturday, July 5th, 2014 01:20 pm
Look I can tell what you want by that look on your face, but I am just too tired for anal today.

It's a nice quiet day today. My girl is sleeping on the couch with her dog next to her. I am resting off fourth of July excitement. It's one of those days where I just may not put pants on, even after two cups of coffee. The fourth was full of friends and laughs, and we have the Facebook pictures to prove it. I look at the guy that is me in the picture, and he looks like a happier version of me ate the unhappy one. I really need to lose a few pounds.

The “X” sent me an e-mail asking when the check was coming. My girl handled it. My girl handles all my social interactions now. This has been so invaluable. As a person who is into extreme introverting, I just don't have time for these things. Actually, it's not that. It is just that I am extremely bad at social interactions. I am also not good at handling my “X”. My “X” has been reasonably nice lately. I am not sure why. I think it has something to do with the impending train wreck that is approaching.

My divorce runs out completely in about three and half years. Never have I seen a train wreck so far in advance before. At the end of the divorce, our agreement says that we either sell the house or my “X” pays me my half of the equity in the house and assumes the mortgage. Property values are doing nothing but going up while the mortgage is doing nothing but going down. Equity is sky rocketing every year. The “X” is attempting to run a daycare out of her home and doesn't have the credit or the capital to not be homeless at the end of this.

I like to watch numbers almost as much as I like to look at boobs. I set up a liability account in Money Dance with the total amount I owed during the divorce. It decreases every time I make a payment. It's fun to watch the amount I owe her go down to zero as time goes by. I am well over halfway done paying her off. I track my house values versus my mortgage. Sometimes I spend the money in my head, and I take my girl on an imaginary seven day cruise.

The Coral site is starting to move. Sometimes, I feel like I am dragging people kicking and screaming towards success. Trying to change a culture of even a few people is like turning a cruise liner around, while the anchor is still in the water. It's crazy how people can get so attached to an idea that they are unwilling to change, even in the face of failure. Still, I get to play with spreadsheets and websites. My girl handles these things she calls people and customers. I call them gross sales and profits.

The Handy Man business is slowly starting. I am waiting on an EIN number, so I can open a bank account. We have a friend that is going to do all the work while I play with more spreadsheets, invoices, and websites. My girl is again going to handle these things called customers. Another fun step will involve getting a class c license. I get to take an eight hour business course, take a test, and apply for the license. Then I can go after anything that costs less that 10 grand.

The real estate business is also slowly moving. My dad has a contractor in Florida who is building a house on the lot we bought a while back. It looks like we might make a few dollars. In my head I am already spending the money on the next house.

Oh and I am also writing a comic for my little brother's publishing business. If he doesn't publish it, I am going to fart on him again.

Life is just kind of rolling in, one paragraph at a time. Paragraphs, numbers, and love track my world now. I am going to ride this bitch out until the wheels fall off. :)


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